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Directioner vs Directionator
Directioner: Torn
Directionator: What makes you beautiful
Directioner: 4/5 british 1/5 irish
Directionator: 5/5 british
Directioner: Nialler has been preety BEFORE his bracelts.
Directionator: Nialler is pretty now
Directioner: Cupacke Harry
Directionator: Womanizer Harry.
Directioner: Zayn, DJ Malik
Directionator: Zaine
Directioner: Louis THE TOMMO Tomlinson
Directionator: Sass Masteeeeeeer from Chesiere
Directioner: Liam Payne, the puppy with the biggest heart on earth.
Directionator: Leyum.
Directioner: Bromances, Romances...
Directionator: Gay.
Directioner: Summer of 69'
Directionator: Summer 09'
Directioner: Uncle Simon, Uncle Paul, Baby Lux, Aunt Lou...♥
Directionator: Who are those people?
See the difference?
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